Bingo History

Bingo HistoryBingo is a game that is enormously popular in many countries all over the world, with bingo enthusiasts packing into bingo halls in order to enjoy the entertainment value of the game, socialize with friends and other players, and enjoying the chance to win big prizes, including huge cash jackpots. More recently, online bingo has become all the rage, with players worldwide joining one of a number of excellent online bingo sites, where they can enjoy playing in a realistic yet virtual setting without even having to leave their homes. But just where did this exciting and popular game emerge from?

It is thought that the earliest form of Bingo stemmed from Italy as far back as the fifteen hundreds. The original game was known as Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia. After its introduction in Italy, this game started to gain popularity in other parts of Europe. A form of the game was even used as an educational tool for children as it continued to gain popularity throughout Europe.

Bingo HistoryThe game reached America some time later, having been taken across the seas by immigrants, and it quickly caught on in the United States. At one stage the game became known as Beano, and this is because the ‘caller’ would call out numbers from discs drawn out of a cigar box, and players would use beans to cover the numbers on their cards. It is thought that the word Bingo is a derivative of the original name of Beano, and some say that the change occurred because one over-zealous winner actually shouted Bingo by mistake instead of Beano after realizing that he had won.

The game continued to rise in popularity and during the early part of the twentieth century was streamlined and given more structure by two US businessmen. From this point, the game continued to evolve and gain popularity, and today has emerged as one of the most exciting and popular games that can be played both online and at specialist clubs and halls, with a following that spans a range of ages and people from all walks of life.

Bingo today
The bingo game of today may seem very different to the one that started back in the sixteenth century in Italy, but in truth it is essentially the same in terms of rules and aims. Today’s games are, of course, far more structured and organized, and thanks to modern technology can be played from the comfort of your own home, with a virtual caller and a realistic yet computerized setting. This is a game that has already survived for over four centuries, and with the way that it has evolved and gained such a massive following, is set to survive many more.

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